About users and roles

All Engage Backoffice users are known as Employees. There are three different types of roles an Employee can have, and they can have any one, two or all three of these roles at the same time.

These different roles are described below.


Agents participate in the appointments and can manage their own calendars and appointments with customers — including setting their availability, reassigning appointments to team members, and inviting customers to schedule appointments with them or other team members.

Agents have access to the Calendar and Appointments tabs, along with the Appointment and Insights sections of the Team tab that apply to their office.

Office Manager

Office Managers set up the rules for their particular office regarding appointments and Agents. They manage office hours, team members and the expertise available from the office. They also have overview and control of all appointments in their office.

Office Managers have access to the Team tab.


Administrators manage your organisation's Pexip Engage environment. They view and manage enterprise data such as offices, Employees and subjects. They also control how the Engage plugin behaves, and which notifications and reminders should be sent and when.

Administrators have access to the Organisation tab.