Configuring Engage plugin options

The Engage plugin is is what your customers use to book appointments with Agents in your organisation. You share it with customers via links, for example on your website, in your email signatures, and in marketing campaigns. As Administrator, you can configure how the Engage plugin interfaces with the Engage Backoffice.

This topic describes how to configure the following:

You can also configure the customer-facing aspects of the Engage plugin. For details, see Creating Engage plugin workflows

Setting appointment defaults

You can decide the default planning rules for newly-created subjects, including the duration of appointments, the frequency of start times, and how far into the future customers are able to book appointments. These defaults will be used whenever you create a new subject, but you can change these settings after creating the subject, if necessary.

To configure these defaults, from the Plugin page, select the General tab:

Configure the following options under the Planning rules section:


The length of time offered for each appointment.


The interval between the start times of the appointments offered to customers. The lower the interval, the more flexible your availability.

However, if the Granularity is less than the Duration, you may end up with empty slots that are too short for an appointment. For example, if your appointments are 30 minutes duration but the granularity is 15 minutes, one customer might book an appointment starting at 10:00 and another at 10:45, meaning that the time between 10:30 and 10:45 will be unavailable for appointments because it is too short.

Earliest slot shown

How soon (from the point in time at which a customer is using the Engage plugin) that available appointments are displayed and can be booked by customers.

For example, if you select 1 day, a customer accessing the Engage plugin at 2pm on a Monday will see available appointments starting from 2pm on Tuesday.

If this is set to 0, customers can book appointments that start immediately.

Latest slot shown The number of hours or days into the future that available appointments are shown and can be booked by a customer. This is based from the time at which the customer is using the Engage plugin to look for a suitable appointment time.

Selecting the information requested from customers

You can decide what information your customers will be asked to provide when booking an appointment using the plugin; whether the information is required or optional; and the order in which the fields appear.

To do this, from the Plugin page, select the Customer fields tab:

You see a list of questions that you can choose to ask customers when they are booking an appointment using the Engage plugin.

For each question, configure the following options:

Order Select where in the list this question will be asked. Questions closest to 1 will be asked first.

Use the toggle button to decide whether or not to include this question.

Full name and Email are always included; they can't be disabled.


Use the toggle button to decide whether this question is required, or optional.

Full name and Email are always required.

Enabling reCAPTCHA for appointment requests

You may wish to use a reCAPTCHA service to protect your organisation against spam appointment requests from the plugin.

To do this, from the Plugin page, select the reCAPTCHA tab.

You see the following:

In the URL field, enter the URL of the domain you have set up with your selected reCAPTCHA service.

Configuring plugin URLs for other languages

Your Engage environment was set up with a default URL that customers use to access your plugin. However, you may wish to set up additional URLs where you can host the plugin in any of the additional languages that have been enabled in your Pexip Engage environment. Customers will be redirected to one of these URLs when they select either the Cancel or Edit options in their confirmation email.

Firstly, you'll need to contact your Pexip Engage Customer Success Manager for help in setting up the URLs for each language.

After this has been done, to add these URLs to the plugin:

  1. From the Plugin page, select the General tab.
  2. Under the Global settings section, you see the Default URL, along with options to add URLs for each of the other languages that have been enabled:

  3. Enter the appropriate URL for any of the languages you wish to support. If you don't enter a redirect URL for a particular language, the default will be used.

Linking to your organisation's terms of use

When customers are booking an appointment using the Engage plugin, they must accept the general terms of use before they can create the appointment:

This is also used for the Terms & Conditions link that appears at the bottom of appointment confirmation emails sent to customers.

By default, this is a link to terms hosted by Pexip, but we strongly recommend that you change this to direct customers to the terms and conditions of your own organisation. To do this:

  1. From the Plugin page, select the General tab.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, to the Global settings section.
  3. In the Link to Terms and Conditions field, enter the URL where your organisation's terms and conditions are hosted:

  4. Select Save.