Viewing appointments by status

This topic explains how you as an Agent can use your Pexip Engage Appointments view to get an overview of your appointments by status, and what information and actions are available for individual appointments from that view.

Viewing appointments

To get an overview of all your appointments according to their current status, log in to the Engage Backoffice and from the panel on the left, select the Appointments tab.

From the top right, select the range of dates for which you want to view your appointments.

Appointment status

The appointments appear under the following status tabs; the actions available for each appointment will depend on its status:

Status Description Available actions
Upcoming Appointments that are scheduled to start in the future, which have been accepted (either automatically or manually)



Requests Appointments that are scheduled to start in the future, which are yet to be accepted.



Past Appointments that were due to finish at a time in the past. This includes appointments that were accepted, as well as appointment requests that were not accepted before the requested time.


Complete appointment

Outgoing Appointments where the customer has been asked to select the date and time but has not yet responded. View
Completed Appointments that have been marked as completed. View

What's next?

See Managing your appointments to find out the ways in which you can manage your appointments.