Working with your calendar

This topic explains how you as an Agent can use your Pexip Engage Calendar view to get an overview of your upcoming appointments, and what information and actions are available for individual appointments from that view.

Before you start, you should link your work calendar with Pexip Engage, to synchronise your calendars and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Good to know

Customers are able to move and cancel appointments themselves, and this will automatically update your Pexip Engage calendar (and synchronise with your work calendar).

These steps describe how to access your appointments directly from within the Engage Backoffice. You can also access your appointments by opening the link in the confirmation email, or by clicking on the appointment link in your work calendar. Both will also take you to the appointment in the Engage Backoffice.

Viewing your calendar

Whenever you log in to the Engage Backoffice, you'll be taken directly to the Calendar view. (You can access this later by selecting the Calendar tab on the left of the page.)

The calendar shows all your appointments for the selected office. Appointments for other offices, and any appointments from your work calendar, are also shown but in a lighter shade.

Viewing other Agents' calendars

By default, you'll see your own calendar. The names of the other Agents assigned to the selected office appear underneath; to view one of their calendars, simply click on their name.

  • To find a particular Agent, start typing their name in the Search agents box.
  • To pin one or more Agents to the top of the list, select the pencil icon and then check the names of the Agents:

Filtering and changing the calendar view

You can use the filter icon at the top right to change what your calendar shows.

Filtering by appointment type

Use the filter icon at the top right to show or hide:

  • Appointments: your confirmed appointments.
  • Appointment requests: appointments that a customer has made but you have yet to manually accept, and appointments where you've asked the customer to reschedule and you're waiting for the new time.
  • Synchronised Calendars: appointments from your work calendar.

Viewing by day, week, or month

To change the view to show a full month, just one week, or just a single day, select the filter icon and then select the appropriate Day, Week or Month button from the bottom of the pop-up menu.

What's next?

See Managing your appointments to find out the ways in which you can manage your appointments.