Linking your Pexip Engage and work calendars

Pexip Engage is a planning layer on top of your existing Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, or Google work calendar. By linking Pexip Engage with your work calendar you will ensure that all your Pexip Engage appointments are automatically copied to your work calendar, and that Pexip Engage appointments are only offered during the free times on your work calendar.

Pexip Engage will take into account all events in your work calendar except those with a "Free" status. You should therefore use the "Free" status for any events that will not affect your availability for customer appointments (for example, when you are adding reminders or notes).

Customers will never see details of any appointments that are scheduled in your work calendar.

To link your work calendar with Pexip Engage:

  1. Log in to the Engage Backoffice.
  2. From the top right corner, select your name and then select Account settings.
  3. From the panel on the left, select Synchronised Calendars.
  4. Use the dropdown next to the button on the right to select your calendar type — either Google or Microsoft.
  5. Enter your login details for that calendar. You'll be asked to permit Pexip Engage to access the calendar — you'll need to accept this to proceed.
  6. Your work calendar now appears in the list of calendars.
    • Enable Copy appointments: this automatically copies your Pexip Engage appointments into your work calendar.
    • Enable Use for availability: this checks your work calendar before offering appointment times to customers, and only offers slots where you are free on your work calendar.
  7. Remember to Save changes.

To test the link has worked, go back to the main calendar view (by selecting the Calendar tab on the far left panel). You should now see all the events from your work calendar in your Engage Backoffice calendar.

You can check which calendars you've set up, and when they were last synchronised, by clicking on your name at the top right of the page and then selecting Account settings > Synchronised Calendars.

What's next?

Now that you've got your account set up and linked with your calendar, you should check and update the times that you are available for customer appointments.

You can also review and change your contact details and account settings at any time.