Getting started as an Agent

If you're new to Pexip Engage, there are a few things you need to do to get started. This topic explains how to activate your account and log in to the Engage Backoffice, which is the application you use to manage your appointments.

This topic covers:

Activating your account

If you have received an email inviting you to activate your account with Pexip Engage, click on the link in the email.

You'll be asked to provide some information in order to create your account:

First name

Last name

Enter your name in the format you want to be visible to your customers.
Email This is the email address to which your Pexip Engage email confirmations will be sent.

Desired Password

Confirm your password

Your password must:

  • must include at least 1 number
  • must include at least 1 symbol
  • must not include repeating parts (for example abcabc)

You can change your password at any time while you are logged in.

If you forget your password, select the Forgot your password link on the main login page.


Select the language to be used when you are viewing the Engage Backoffice, and for the emails you receive from Pexip Engage.

You can change your language at any time later on.

This will change the language just for you; other Agents and your customers will view the Engage Backoffice and emails in their own selected language.


Select the timezone in which you are based.

You can change your timezone at any time later on.

Read and accept the terms and conditions, and then select Activate My Account.

You'll see an Activation Successful message, with a link that you can click to Login with Pexip Engage.

Logging in to the Engage Backoffice

If you already know your username:

  1. Go to the Engage Backoffice link provided to you by your Administrator. This will look something like
  2. Enter your username. This will be in the form of an email address.
  3. If this is your first time logging in, select Forgot Password?’. This will request a new one.
  4. You will receive an email to set-up a new password. Follow the instructions in the email.
  5. Go back to the Engage Backoffice and log in.

Familiarizing yourself with the Engage Backoffice

As an Agent, you have access to two main sections of the Engage Backoffice:

  • Calendar — where you can view and manage your appointments by date
  • Appointments — where you can view and manage your appointments by status

You also have access to the Team tab where you can see the appointments and insights relating to your office.

You can also access online Help from the button at the bottom left, and your account settings from the drop-down menu next to your name at the top right:

What's next?

Now that you've got your account set up you should link it with your work calendar, to avoid scheduling conflicts. You should then check and update the times that you are available for customer appointments.

You can also review and change your contact details and account settings at any time.