Managing appointments on behalf of Agents

This topic explains how you as an Office Manager can find, search and manage the appointments of the Agents in your office.

Viewing all appointments for your office

To get an overview of all the appointments for your office, which you can then filter by Agent, status and date:

  1. From the left panel, select the Team tab.

  2. From the Offices drop-down, select the office for which you want to view appointments.

  3. From the Follow up section select Appointments.

You see an overview of all the Agents associated with the selected office, and to the right, a list of all upcoming appointments (with the most recent first):

Filtering and searching appointments

You can filter and search the list of appointments for the selected office by using one or more of the following options:

  • To search the list of Agents, start typing their name in the Search agents box:

  • To view the appointments for one or more Agents, select their name from the list. The names of the selected Agents will be highlighted; to hide their appointments, select their name again:

    You can Select all or Deselect all Agents using the button next to the search box. If no Agents are selected, they'll all be shown.

  • To filter the list for a particular date range, use the From and Until options at the top right:

  • To view appointments that are scheduled to start in the future, which have been accepted (either automatically or manually), select the Upcoming tab:

  • To view appointments that are scheduled to start in the future, but which are yet to be accepted, select the Requests tab:

What's next?

When you've found the appointment you're interested in, select View. You'll then be able to manage the appointment in the same way as the Agent to whom it has been assigned. See Managing your appointments to find out the ways in which you can manage appointments.