Assigning subjects to Agents

Your Administrator sets up the categories and subjects for which appointments are offered, but as an Office Manager, you decide, for each office, which Agents can offer appointments for each subject. A subject must have at least one Agent assigned to it in order for that subject to be presented to customers from the Engage plugin.

You can also assign subjects to an Agent when editing the details of an individual Agent; any changes you make there will be reflected here and vice versa.

To assign subjects to Agents:

  1. From the left panel, select the Team tab.

  2. From the Offices drop-down, select the office for which you want to set the rules, and from the Settings section select Scheduling.

  3. Select the Assignments tab.

    You see a list of all the categories and subjects offered to customers from the selected office, and a list of Agents for the selected office. Toggle buttons indicate which Agents are available for which subjects. Under each Agent, and beside each subject, is an indicator showing how many of the available options are selected:

    You can filter this list by one or more Agents by selecting the drop-down menu at the top right of the page.

  4. For each combination of Agent and subject, toggle the button On or Off depending on whether you want that Agent to offer appointments for that subject.

    If you want an Agent to offer appointments for all subjects, select the icon below their name and select Select all.
    Likewise, if you want all Agents to offer appointments for an individual subject, select the icon next to the subject and select Select all.

    If the Agent Prioritization feature has been enabled, you see drop-down menus instead of toggle buttons. See Agent prioritization for more information.

  5. Review your changes (which will be highlighted in yellow) and select Save.