Adding office location details

As an Office Manager, you can provide information about each office — such as the location, access by public transport, driving directions, and parking. This information is shared with customers in their confirmation email when they book an appointment in that office.

To add or change information about an office:

  1. From the left panel, select the Team tab.

  2. From the Offices drop-down, select the office for which you want to add information, and from the Settings section select Office:


  3. Complete the relevant fields. You don't need to fill them all in, just the information you want to share with customers:

    Option Description Shown in:
    Engage plugin Customer emails
    Is active

    When enabled, this office will be offered as an option to customers when scheduling appointments.

    You can temporarily disable this option.

    Is virtual

    This is for your information only — you can't change this setting, only an Administrator can.

    Name The name for this office.
    Description Any additional information about the office. This information is shown within the Engage plugin when customers are offered a choice of offices.
    External ID

    This optional unique identifier can be used when configuring the Engage plugin. For more information about using External IDs, contact your Pexip Engage Customer Success Manager.



    Phone number

    The email address and phone number for this particular office, if you wish to share them with customers.  
    Street, City, Postal code, State, Country Use these fields to enter the full address of the office. This will automatically generate a location map (emails only).  

    If a customer is in a different timezone to this office, they will be warned in their email confirmation that the time of the appointment is given in the office's timezone, not their own timezone.

    Driving directions Enter any useful information about how to get to the office, including by public transport.  
    Parking info Enter any useful information about parking, such as whether parking is available on the office site, whether it is free, or how to find parking nearby.  

  4. Select Save.