Viewing and changing team details

As an Office Manager, you can view and change some details of the Agents and Office Managers ("team members") associated with your office.

To view and edit the details of a team member:

  1. From the left panel, select the Team tab.

  2. From the Offices drop-down, select the office where the team member is located, and from the Settings section select Team.

    You'll see an overview of all the team members associated with the selected office:

  3. To locate a particular team member, you can either:

    • Search the list by name or email, using the search box at the top left:

    • Filter the list by status (pending or suspended) or role ( Agent, Office Manager, Administrator), using the filter option at the top right:

To view or edit information about a team member, click on their name. The information is grouped under up to four tabs:

Each of the sections below describes what you can view and edit from each tab.


Agents can also update some of their profile information themselves.

Name *

The name of the team member, as it appears to customers in the Engage plugin.

You can't change a team member's name for them, but they can change it themselves.


When enabled, this team member has access to the Engage Backoffice.

If you deactivate a user's account, you should first ensure any of their upcoming appointments have been reassigned.

Online planning When enabled, this Agent is available to be booked for appointments.

You might want to disable this for a Engage Backoffice user who can manage appointments on behalf of others, but who isn't available for appointments themselves.

Office Manager

These toggle buttons show which roles this team member has within the Engage Backoffice.

To change a team member's roles, toggle the appropriate buttons On or Off.

Assigned offices This shows the offices where the team member is assigned, and the role they have in each office.
Email * The email address to which the team member's Pexip Engage email confirmations will be sent.
Phone number *

The team member's contact telephone number, if you wish to make this available to customers.

Function *

Enter the position the Agent has within your organisation (for example Consultant, Account Manager, Designer, etc.).

Introduction *

If you wish to provide some information about the Agent to customers when they are choosing an Agent from the Engage plugin, enter it here.

Video link *

This is for internal use and should not need to be changed.

* This information is available to customers.

Appointment hours

Here you set up the availability hours for individual Agents in your office.

Individual Agents can change these hours themselves, to suit their own working patterns.

You edit the appointment hours of the Agent in the same way as the Agent edits their own. See Setting your appointment hours for full information.


Here you can view and change which subjects this Agent will offer appointments for, for each office.

You can also assign subjects to an Agent when editing the planning rules for an office; any changes you make there will be reflected here, and vice versa.

  1. Ensure the correct Office is selected from the top left drop-down.
  2. Select the Agent and then select the Expertise tab.

    You'll see a list of all the categories and subjects offered by the selected office. You can Search for a particular subject:


  3. For each subject, toggle the buttons On or Off, depending on whether the Agent will offer appointments from this office for this subject.
  4. Select Save.

Synchronised calendars

Agents must set up their own calendar synchronisation — this can't be done for them by an Office Manager or Administrator.

This tab allows you to view information for each Agent about which of their calendars have been synchronised with Engage Backoffice, and when. You can't make any changes from here, but this information is useful when troubleshooting. For example, if a calendar is not synchronising, you can check here to see that the Agent has selected the correct calendar to synchronise with, and whether they have selected the Copy appointments and Use for availability options.