Release notes

This topic covers the new features, fixes, and changes in functionality in the current release of Pexip Engage, version 2023-Q2, released in July 2023.

For the release notes for previous versions, see Release notes for previous versions.

New features

Feature Description
Support for sending emails through an enterprise's own SMTP server

We now support the use of a custom SMTP server for sending emails (instead of sending via Pexip Engage's provider). Authentication is supported using username/password.

Contact your Pexip Engage Customer Success Manager to enable this feature.

Product improvements

Our reference Description
SKED-10999 Location information that is passed to the Engage plugin as configuration or derived from a listing is no longer validated for completeness, because it is assumed that any missing components are intentional.

In the Engage Backoffice, when external events are displayed in an Agent's calendar, the bar to the left of the event is solid for "Busy" events and clear for "Free" events, to better differentiate between them.


In the Engage Backoffice, the appointment side panel and appointment detail page now include the customer's location information, where given, as read-only text.


In the Engage plugin step where customers are asked for their personal details, there is now an optional additional text field which can be used to explain why the information is required. To add this text, contact your Pexip Engage Customer Success Manager.


In the Engage plugin summary section, the time zone of the appointment is now always displayed (even when the ability to select a different time zone is disabled), to avoid any confusion.


When selecting an appointment in the Engage plugin, the font size used to display the days of the week has been reduced, improving readability.

SKED-10863 In the Engage plugin summary section, the selected office branch is now always displayed (previously it was shown only when a meeting type of Office was selected). In order to avoid confusion regarding the location of the appointment, the way the office is displayed depends on the selected meeting type.

Fixed issues

Our reference Description
SKED-10989 Resolved an issue where in some circumstances the Engage plugin did not display available translations when a localized language variant was being used.
SKED-10988 Resolved an issue with appointment emails where the link to download as an iCal event did not work properly for iPad and iPhone.
SKED-10971 When a customer record with an invalid location (for which no coordinates can be resolved) is created using the Engage plugin, the Engage Backoffice no longer becomes unresponsive when attempting to display the customer information.
SKED-10784 When picking an incomplete address for an on-location or office meeting in the PBA, the appointment creation no longer fails.

Our Customer Success Managers are at your disposal should you have any questions or would like to discuss the opportunities this might offer for your business. To book a meeting use this link.