Viewing live meetings

The Live Meetings page shows summary and detailed information for all live calls and meetings.

To view live meetings, select Troubleshooting > Live Meetings from the main menu on the left.

  • At the top of the page, metrics include the number of currently active meetings and the number of participants present.
  • The display is grouped into separate sections for Pexip, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet meetings.
  • This page uses local time, not UTC.

To view historic calls, see Viewing meeting diagnostics and call history.

Viewing live Pexip meetings

The live Pexip meetings table shows the information below. Just click on an item in the Meeting column to go into a specific meeting.

If you do not see the live data, or you get a Trying to connect or Failed to connect message, see Safelisting firewall domains for information on how to resolve this.

Monitoring a live Pexip meeting in detail

After selecting a specific meeting, you see the meeting and participant details including media statistics. Note that:

  • Bandwidth is the amount for the audio and video channels combined for one direction only, either from the Pexip Service to the device or vice versa, whichever is greater.
  • Packet loss and jitter are measured in one direction only, from the device to the service.
  • Measurements are taken at least every 30 seconds.

Viewing diagnostics

To view the current diagnostics for the call, hover over the end of the row and select the Launch button that appears.

Viewing live Microsoft Teams and Google Meet meetings

If you use Pexip's interoperability service for Microsoft Teams or Google Meet you see all your live gateway meetings on the Live Meetings page.

Viewing gateway connections

The meeting list view shows gateway connections by meeting. There is a gateway connection for each participant connecting to the meeting via Pexip's interop service i.e. for each SIP or H.323 hardware video endpoint, Skype for Business client or Pexip app user.

The count of gateway connections is the total for all live meetings displayed, and the participant count is the number of participants in the same meeting.

Viewing a single meeting

You can select any gateway connection to see the full list of participants in the same meeting: all gatewayed participants and all those who have joined via the native Teams client or Google Meet web interface, as appropriate.

At this level you also see media statistics for the gateway connection you selected. All the other participants — gatewayed and native — look alike.

Google Meet extra participant row

Note that for Google Meet meetings, after selecting a gateway connection, in addition to the participants you see an extra row with a numeric string in place of the participant video address. It is not a real participant, you can just ignore this row.

Viewing Service status and scheduled maintenance

You can view the general status of different services and products on the Pexip Service, and check for scheduled maintenance.

From the top right-hand side, select and then Service Status which takes you to