What is Pexip Control Center?

Pexip Control Center (PCC) is the platform we're developing to bring the admin and analytics tasks for all users — company admins and users — into one place. Over time it will replace some features of the Pexip apps.

Here's a summary of what you can do

Users with a personal subscription can view their own usage and account settings.

Company administrators can view current status and usage information, including analyzing usage. They can also view live meetings, and video system, room and user subscriptions.

You can find out more about:

Getting access to Pexip Control Center

To use PCC you need an End User License (EUL), then you are automatically granted access to view personal usage and settings. Users with company administrator role (granted via the existing Partner Portal by your partner) automatically have read access to their company's data as well.

When your partner has been given the ability to grant roles for your company, they can give users (most likely existing company administrators) in your company the ability to grant roles for others. If you have been given the ability to grant roles, go to Managing user access to Pexip Control Center to find out how to do this.

Signing in and out

Pexip Control Center requires the same credentials that are used for logging in to the Pexip apps. If your organization uses Single Sign-On you only need to enter your email ID.

To sign in, go to the Pexip Control Center site: https://control.pexip.io/ and follow the prompts.

If you prefer not to stay logged in, before quitting the site go to the icon with your initials in the top-right corner and select Sign out.

Company administrators' overview

After logging in to Pexip Control Center your Overview page opens where you can immediately see live status via the meeting-based * metrics cards at the top, and get some insights into usage.

Interactive graphs show Total participant minutes over time (participant-based ) and Total number of meetings over time (meeting-based *) totals based on the time period you select. Resources links provide additional information that you may find useful, such as security information and product news.

You can get more detail on the terminology used for the metrics and charts in our Glossary of Pexip Service terms.

Using line/bar graphs

Just mouse over the graphs and a dotted line appears with a popup showing the date and total(s). Click on the circle/bar to keep the popup open.

You can see data for different time periods by changing the filter in the top-right corner of the graph.

To see more data, go to Analytics either using the side menu or from the menu in the top-right corner.

Searching the site

You can use the search bar at the top of every page to search the site. As you type, the search results will start listing any matching items, such as users, meeting rooms and video systems, and you can filter by these entity types. Depending on your access role you may also see other company or partner organizations. Select anything from the search results list to go to the overview page for that item.

Safelisting firewall domains

To use PCC, you need to allow access to the *.vp.vc and *.pexip.io domains.

In addition, to obtain the live data that's displayed in some of the metrics cards at the top of the Overview and other pages, and various live data on the Troubleshooting page, PCC uses WebSocket. This means for you to see the live data content, your organization's network policy must allow the wss:// protocol via port 443 for the control.pexip.io domain.

If your organization's network policy doesn't allow the use of WebSocket with PCC, you don't see the live data elements but you do see the rest of the content. You may also see the Trying to connect or Failed to connect messages.

To resolve this, we recommend talking to your network administrator about allowing WebSocket with PCC, as detailed above.

Viewing Service status and scheduled maintenance

You can view the general status of different services and products on the Pexip Service, and check for scheduled maintenance.

From the top right-hand side, select and then Service Status which takes you to https://status.pexip.com/.

Giving feedback

As you explore the site, you can easily share your feedback with us.

Just go to the top right of any page and select and then select Give Feedback.

A new tab opens where you can tell us about your experiences using the Pexip Service.