Search tips

Try some of these tips to help you use our search engine:

  • Check your spelling. It'll find many US v British English variants such as "color" and "colour" but if you get no results at all that probably means you've got a spelling mistake.
  • Boolean operators, such as AND, OR, NOT, and ( ) are supported. The operators are not case sensitive.
  • An AND is always inferred when search terms are separated with a blank space.
  • Consider using quotes e.g. "my search term" to search for that exact phrase. You can also use quotes to ignore Boolean operators e.g. "cats and dogs" would only find the exact phrase "cats and dogs" rather than topics that contain the words "cats" and "dogs".
  • Search is not case-sensitive.
  • It matches variant endings. For example, a search for the word "configure" will also find matches for words such as "configuring", "configured" and "configuration".