Provisioning Yealink video endpoints on the Pexip Service

Here you find help on provisioning Yealink video endpoints.

Before you can provision your video endpoint to the Pexip Service, you need an endpoint subscription and the device needs to be tied to the subscription. Your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner can help you with this, please contact them first. Then, if you need to initiate provisioning from the device, see the steps below.

Please note that Yealink video endpoints are not compatible with provisioning via the Activate Endpoint app.

Initiating provisioning on the Yealink device

After the device has been tied to the endpoint subscription, the steps below can be executed by someone with administrator access to the device.

  1. First, you need to set the video conferencing platform, so either:
    • go to the video endpoint's onscreen menu, or
    • go to the unit's web interface.
  2. Select Video conferencing platform. Please note, that some video conferencing system providers have not updated their systems to show Pexip as the new company name in which case select Videxio.

Within a short time the Yealink video conferencing system is provisioned to the Pexip Service.

Please note that the secondary DNS servers must be configured for registration to work. For help troubleshooting the provisioning process, see Endpoint activation troubleshooting tips.