In-conference branding

You can customize your meeting screens with your choice of background image and company logo. Including your brand in the meeting interface lets your employees and guests know they’re in the right place and creates a tighter brand experience with other company tools.

Custom branding can be applied to Pexip meetings (except one-time-use rooms) and our Microsoft Teams CVI and Google Meet interoperability screens.

You can supply a specific background picture and your own logo. To optimize the experience Pexip then adds a 50% dark opacity overlay onto your background image to ensure that the service text overlays and icons are visible on top of the background picture.

Branding material you need to supply

You should provide a 1920x1080 sized JPG background image that is appropriate for overlays i.e. where there is no essential content in the center of the image.

Do not apply any logos or text on top of the background image. It is OK if the actual picture has the company logo in it e.g. a picture of the HQ building where the logo is present.

Examples of customer-provided background pictures:

Then Pexip adds a 50-60% dark opacity overlay to highlight the picture instructions and the Pexip logo:

Picking the right background image

Different background images can look good initially but are not suitable after the service overlays are added on top of it. The center of the picture should not have the main object in it.

Here are the same backgrounds with overlays applied and you can see that the bottom row of images no longer look as good.

Company logo

The Pexip logo is placed in the top left corner and your logo is placed in the top right corner. Note that your logo is only shown on in-call splash screens / images, and is not overlayed onto the meeting video itself.

You should provide your company logo in either:

  • SVG format
  • Transparent PNG format: the logo file should be a minimum of 450px wide depending on whether the logo is vertical or horizontal.

We prefer the logo to be white but it is not a requirement if that does not work for your branding guidelines. However, you should note that dark colors for the logo text, such as black or gray, won't be visible on the dark background.

Enabling branding for your meetings

To initiate the process, please contact your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner.