Setting up MeetingConnect "Scan to Join"

Pexip's MeetingConnect feature lets your company's named users or guest users join a scheduled video meeting from any of your video conferencing systems without having to dial or enter a video address.

Instead, they can simply scan a QR code with their smartphone and then select the meeting from their calendar that they want to join. The video system that is linked to that QR code will then get connected to that meeting — all you need to do is accept the incoming call. And it doesn't just work for Pexip meetings — it works for almost any video meeting service.

This article lists the supported meeting types, and then describes how to set up your meeting rooms/endpoints and how to join a conference via MeetingConnect.

Supported meeting types

MeetingConnect works with meeting services or platforms using standards-based videoconferencing dialing addresses (SIP / H.323) and is compatible with the following services:

  • Pexip meetings
  • Microsoft Teams meetings (SIP Guest Join and via the Pexip Microsoft Teams gateway)
  • Google Meet meetings (SIP Guest Join and via the Pexip Google Meet gateway)
  • Skype for Business meetings (as long as the video system is on a premium plan)
  • Cisco Webex Teams meetings
  • Cisco Webex meetings
  • Zoom meetings (as long as the meeting’s organizer has purchased a Zoom room connector)

Setting up your meeting rooms / endpoints for MeetingConnect

To set up your meeting rooms or any hardware endpoints to use MeetingConnect, simply print out the QR codes for each of your endpoints plus some instructions for people who haven’t tried this before, and place them in your conference rooms.

Your company's video systems should be registered to the Pexip Service (any Pexip for Video Units plan, sometimes referred to as "endpoint subscriptions").

You can use the Pexip app to retrieve and print out the QR codes for your company's video systems:

  1. Sign in to the Pexip app.
  2. Select the menu in the top-right corner of the Pexip app and select Company administration. This opens a new page that initially lists all of the existing users within your company.
  3. Select the Video Systems tab to view your video systems. Any endpoint subscriptions that are twinned to a user are not displayed here — these are listed under the Members tab (select the user and then go to the Video Systems sub tab).
  4. You can either perform a bulk print of all/selected endpoints, or just print out an individual endpoint's QR code.

  5. A new page launches from where you can print the selected QR codes and some default instructions. You can now save and print the PDF file or email it to others.

  6. Place the PDF print out / QR codes in your meeting rooms, next to the corresponding video system. Make sure it is clearly visible to people when they enter the room.
  7. Make sure that users have downloaded the latest version of the Pexip mobile app. They can then follow the printed instructions to quickly scan the QR code and join the meeting from that video system.

Joining a conference via MeetingConnect

Before you can use MeetingConnect for the first time:

  • Make sure your work calendar is available via an app on your phone.
  • Download and open the Pexip mobile app on Android or iOS:

    • Grant permissions for the app to fetch video meetings from your calendar.
    • In the app's settings, select the appropriate work calendar(s) from which to fetch meetings.

Here’s how to join with MeetingConnect:

  1. Walk into any meeting room.
  2. Take out your phone and scan the QR code on the table or displayed on the endpoint:

    • On Android devices open the Meeting Joiner app to scan
    • On iOS devices, open your device's regular camera app
  3. A popup notification on your phone displays the list of your upcoming video meetings. From this list tap the meeting you want to join.
  4. The video system will immediately get a call. Just accept the "incoming call" to join the meeting.

Note that the meetings you see are fetched from your personal calendar, not from the meeting room’s calendar. This means you don't have to book the meeting room itself for any of the meetings you want to join from that room/VTC.

As long as the video system has been set up with its own QR code, you can connect to it with MeetingConnect easily. So there's no need to worry about which video system or meeting room you would like to use ahead of time, or how to dial in from different systems.

You can also share this quick start guide with your users.