Managing video systems within a company

Company administrators can use the company administration options within the Pexip app to manage the video systems (sometimes referred to as VTC systems) used on the Pexip Service.

All video endpoint subscriptions for shared resources can be modified, and you can print out the endpoint's QR codes for use with MeetingConnect.

To add or remove a video endpoint subscription please contact your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner.

To manage your company's video systems, select the menu in the top-right corner of the Pexip app and select Company administration.

This opens a new page that initially lists all of the existing users within your company. From here you select the Video Systems tab from where you can see and modify your existing video systems, and print their associated QR codes.

  • It displays the video address and the given name for any videoconferencing hardware devices (SIP/H.323 protocols) registered in your network with its own video address.
  • Any endpoint subscriptions that are twinned to a user are not displayed here — these are listed under the Members tab (select the user and then go to the Video Systems sub tab).

If you don’t see the Company administration option, you have not been set up with administrator rights. Please contact your company administrator or your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner to grant you access.

This page also lets you maintain the members (users) and team rooms within your company.

See Videoconferencing units compatible with Pexip subscriptions for information about the endpoints that are supported on the Pexip Service.

Configuring the endpoint's name and video address

From the Video Systems tab, select an endpoint to change its settings.

The Settings sub tab defines the endpoint's properties:

Option Description
Name The endpoint's name. This acts as the endpoint's display name in conferences and in the directory.
Video address

The endpoint's video address e.g. that can be used for calling that endpoint.

You can modify the name portion of the address, but you cannot change the domain portion.

The Activate sub tab gives details on the system, provides activation access and allows you to print out that endpoint's QR code.

Each endpoint subscription has a link to Activate subscription on endpoint which opens a new page where you can download the endpoint activation app that enables you to activate the endpoint and register it to the service. Note that this link is always displayed, even if the subscription is active and the endpoint is registered.

See Activating your VTC system (sometimes referred to as provisioning) for more information .

Printing QR codes

The Print QR code option allows you to print the QR code associated with the endpoint. This is used by the MeetingConnect feature that allows an endpoint to join meetings simply by scanning its QR code with a smartphone.

You can either perform a bulk print of all/selected endpoints, or just print out an individual endpoint's QR code.

A new page launches from where you can print the selected QR codes.

See Setting up MeetingConnect "Scan to Join" for more information.