Company management overview

As a company administrator, you can use the Pexip web app (at or the downloadable Pexip desktop app to manage the Pexip Service users, team rooms and video systems within your company, and to evaluate your company's usage of the service.

To do this, log in to the Pexip app and select the menu in the top-right corner. You have two additional options not available to regular users of the service: Company administration and Company usage.

If you don’t see the Company administration option, you have not been set up with administrator rights. Please contact your company administrator or your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner to grant you access.

The Company administration option provides an overview of the members (users), team rooms and video systems connected to the service:

  • Members: you can modify each user's name and video address, reset their password, set them as an administrator, and add (invite) new users. All users are automatically allocated a personal VMR with its own VMR video address. Removing a user also removes their personal VMR. See Managing users (members) within a company for more information.
  • Team rooms: teams rooms are shared VMRs. You can modify each room's name and video address, as well as attach it to one or more users for management. See Managing team rooms within a company for more information.
  • Video systems: all video endpoint subscriptions for shared resources can be modified, and QR codes for MeetingConnect functionality can be printed. To add or remove a video endpoint subscription, please contact your Pexip partner. See Managing video systems within a company for more information.

See Company video addresses and personal/team VMRs for more information on how your video addresses are structured, and the differences between a personal and a team VMR.

The Company usage option provides company-wide usage statistics and trends for the Pexip Service. See Viewing company call usage statistics for more information.