Company video addresses and personal/team VMRs

When you are setting up your users and your environment to use the Pexip Service you need to consider the video addresses that your users will use to call each other, or to call into your company's virtual meeting rooms (VMRs).

Video addresses and domain hosting

Your video addresses are formatted in the same way as an email address.

If your company doesn’t have domain hosting it will typically use a construction of your company name plus our service domain (

  • The company name could be a subdomain of, so, for example, Johann Smith's video address could be, or
  • You could incorporate the company name into the name part of the address and just use the root domain e.g.

However, if your company has purchased domain hosting, this allows for customized video addresses so that your personal video address can match your company email address e.g.

As well as a personal video address (so you can be called directly), each user is allocated a personal VMR address where they can meet with lots of people at the same time. A room address would then be the same, or similar to, your company email address with an additional .vmr suffix prior to the @domain portion e.g. You can choose your own suffix but .vmr is the default.

Your team VMRs would follow a similar naming convention e.g.

Valid URI formats for SIP video addresses

When creating a video endpoint, team VMR or user address, there are certain restrictions to the format, i.e. the string before the '@domain'. It can only consist of the following:

  • English lower case letters (a-z) (capital letters will automatically be converted to lower case)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Special characters: . - _ (dot, dash, underscore)

Also, the string:

  • Has to be at least six characters long (only applies if you do not have custom domain hosting)
  • Cannot start with a number, dot, dash or underscore

Personal VMRs versus Team VMRs

You can use two types of VMR within your company: the personal VMR and the Team VMR.

Personal VMR

Your VMR is a personal space that is always available for you to meet with others over video or audio and share content. You can use it whenever you want — for pre-arranged meetings or for ad hoc calls — without making a reservation in advance.

  • A personal VMR is automatically created for every user account and is owned by that user.
  • The video address of a personal VMR typically takes the form yourname.vmr@domain i.e. it has a suffix — which is typically .vmr — applied to the end of the name portion. A personal VMR video address is different from a personal video address which is used for calling a user directly via their endpoint or the Pexip app (and which typically takes the form yourname@domain and is normally the same as the user's email address).
  • A personal VMR shares the same End User License as that used by the user account associated with the VMR.

Team VMR

A Team VMR operates in the same manner as a personal VMR except it is its own entity and is not directly attached to a user account. Team VMRs are perfect for long term projects, teams, or collaborators who meet regularly.

  • Team VMRs are initially created, owned and managed (configuring PINs and so on) by the designated company administrators, but they can also be associated with individual users for management.
  • It can be named according to your own naming convention, such as "Jupiter", "Meeting Room 6" and so on, and with a video address of your choice within your video domain e.g.
  • Each Team VMR that you create uses one End User License.