What happens when you activate your video endpoint

Here's an overview of what happens when you activate your hardware video endpoint for use with the Pexip Service (sometimes referred to as provisioning). The diagram below refers to the Activate Endpoint app but please note before using the app yourself:

A diagram showing the process flow from activation through to provisioning and registering when using the Activate Endpoint app.

Please note there are different ways of accessing the Activate endpoint subscription web page (step 1 above in the diagram), for more information see the guidance on how to run the app.

Activation: steps 1 and 2 in the diagram

Activation is the process of getting subscription details and provisioning server information onto your endpoint so that the device can initiate provisioning with the Pexip Service.

Provisioning: steps 3 and 4 in the diagram

Provisioning is the ongoing process whereby a device contacts the provisioning server every 15 minutes (except Poly Trios which can only contact every hour) to fetch configuration updates, including details of the server address that it should register to. This enables the endpoint to switch to using a different Point of Presence (PoP) as required.

Registration: step 5 in the diagram

In parallel with provisioning, registering is an ongoing process whereby the device and the PoP server maintain an always-on connection to ensure that your endpoint is always capable of making and receiving calls.

When you may want to activate your hardware video endpoint

Situations when you may want to activate your hardware endpoint are:

  • you have just got your endpoint license and want to activate, provision and register a device with the Pexip Service for the first time,
  • you want to change the subscription used with the device,
  • you have done a factory reset of the device.