Finding contacts and rooms using the Pexip apps

This guide helps app users find colleagues and VMRs, including Team VMRs, within their own organization. The screenshots are from the desktop app but the web app and the Pexip mobile apps are similar.

Finding people and rooms in your own organization

Select either Contacts or Rooms, then go to the Search box and enter the first few characters of your colleague's name or a VMR name (there's no need to hit enter). Note that search results include any entry that has a word beginning with the string you type in. For example, typing in 'Sa' could return entries like 'Sally Smith' and 'Bryan Sadler' as matches.

For VMRs you see one matching entry, but for people, you may see two matching entries. The head-and-shoulders outline relates to the personal video address and this lets you call the person directly. You know they're online if there's a green dot next to their name. The hash tag entry relates to the person's VMR video address and using this takes you to their VMR.

Select one of the entries, and you see the selected VMR or person confirmed in the top-left corner of the main pane.

Finding the eight-digit conference code for someone else's VMR

From the Pexip desktop app or web app, after selecting the target VMR (as per the steps above), select the room link button. The eight digits at the end of the room link URL is the conference code.

Here's guidance on Joining a VMR or Calling a contact.

About contacts

In Contacts you see the names of everyone in your organization who has a personal video account. Entries are listed in alphabetical order based on first name (not personal video address). The Contacts directory may be empty if your company doesn't have any personal video accounts. It doesn't hold external video addresses.

About rooms

In Rooms you see the names of all the VMRs in your organization, including Personal VMRs and Team VMRs. Rooms are listed in alphabetical order and based on the room name (not video address).

Saving and retrieving external video addresses

In the Pexip desktop app or web app, the Star feature lets you save external video addresses as well as creating favorites for internal ones, so you can manage all your video addresses within the app. The steps below show you how.

  1. Select Recents, Contacts or Rooms.
  2. From the Search box, type in the external video address. After you have entered a valid format of video address, a new entry appears below the Search box.
  3. Select the new entry, and the main pane shows the selected video address.
  4. From the top-right of tool bar, select to save the video address.
  5. Go to to see the new entry in the Starred section.

To save a recently-dialed external video address, all you need to do is find the address in Recents , and then select and star it.