Help for external participants joining meetings

The guidance below is for external users who don't have a Pexip account, but have been given room information for a meeting on the Pexip Service. (If you have a Pexip account, feel free to share the link to this help page in your meeting invitations.)

If you don't have a Pexip account you can easily join meetings on the Pexip Service using your browser, or the Pexip apps. You can join with full video capability or using audio and presentation only mode, and you can also configure your devices before joining a meeting. You can also dial in to Pexip from any standards-based SIP or H.323 VTC system using the joining details provided to you by the meeting organizer.

Using your browser

  1. Open the invitation given to you by the meeting organizer. Pexip meeting room URLs look like this:

  2. Click the meeting room link and the VMR page loads in your browser.

  3. Select Join through browser. Now you can check everything is working before joining the VMR. If required, go to Settings to see which devices are in use.
  4. Everything is working fine if:

    • You see your own image in the video window.
    • The green bar in the bottom right corner rises and falls with the sound detected by the microphone.
    • You can hear sound through your speakers. Select to test them.
  5. If joining a large meeting, you may want to Mute microphone to join the call initially.
  6. To join with full video and audio capability, enter your name and select Join now.
  7. Alternatively, to join with audio and screen sharing only (you won't see others and they won't see you), first tick Join using Audio + Presentation only mode. Then select Join now.
  8. If you are prompted for a PIN and you don't have one, check with your meeting organizer. Otherwise enter the PIN. You may now be held in the lobby until the room owner or a host joins the VMR.
  9. Find out more about in-call controls, including how to share your screen.

Using a VTC system

Any video conferencing system using standards-based SIP or H.323 protocols can join a Pexip meeting. Simply use the meeting details you've been given by the meeting organizer, and follow your normal procedure for dialing a video address.

Using the Android app

External users (people who don't have a Pexip account) can use the Android app to join a meeting as a guest.

Joining a meeting as a guest

  1. Open the invitation containing the room details for your meeting.
  2. Look for the video address (looks like an email address, for example, or the eight-digit conference code that identifies the meeting room. Check if there's a host or guest PIN (optional).
  3. Open the app. If you see the Login page, go to the menu . Select Join as guest.
  4. At the prompt, enter either the video address or conference code and then tap Join room.
  5. For full video, choose Video call.
  6. Tap Ok to allow access to your camera and mic so that people can see and hear you. Next Android requests permission for the camera and mic separately so you may need to acknowledge more than one prompt but it doesn't take long.
  7. Enter your name and tap Join. What happens next depends on whether the VMR you're joining is PIN-protected.

During the call

You have the following controls available. Starting from the top-left then moving clockwise:

  • Screen sharing lets you share your screen (if you select it accidentally you can Cancel).

    • After selecting you need to allow Pexip to share your screen, then go to the app that shows the information you want to share, bearing in mind others see what you see on your mobile screen. You may see in your mobile's status bar.
    • To stop sharing, use your phone's regular controls to return to the ongoing call, and tap .
  • Dial pad lets you enter a host PIN.
  • Show participants lists who else is in the call. Then select the menu in the top right corner to share your room link.
  • Self-view shows what your camera is capturing. Hide the self-view by tapping it, and reinstate it by tapping where it used to be.
  • Mute mic switches off your mic.
  • Disconnect quits the call.
  • Disable camera switches off your camera feed.

Please note that the Chat feature is not available to guest users, although on iOS it may appear to be available.