Live event streaming and recording

Pexip VMRs can output a dedicated RTMP/RTMPS multimedia stream to enterprise CDN (Content Delivery Network) streaming and recording services such as Wowza, Quickchannel, Qumu, VideoTool, Microsoft Stream and Azure Media Services, and to public streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook and Periscope. Any Pexip conference can be streamed as a live event to an unlimited number of viewers, and can automatically be recorded and stored for later consumption.

Before you can record or stream a conference you must first set up a streaming/recording integration in the Pexip web app. You have two main options:

  • YouTube: Pexip's tightest integration is with YouTube — the Pexip app is specifically designed to handle recording and streaming via YouTube. When you set up your YouTube integration you have to link your YouTube account to your MyPages account.
  • Custom RTMP: you can also set up a custom RTMP integration with any of the other streaming/recording services that are compatible with the Pexip platform.

After you have set up your YouTube and/or a custom streaming integration you can then:

  • Use the Pexip web app to schedule a recording, and
  • Use the web or desktop app to start/stop your recordings, and to perform ad hoc recording during a conference.

Scheduling an event is useful if you want to share a link in advance with your streaming/recording audience who are not participants in the call. It also provides a reminder to you in advance of the event, when you go to the Pexip app, that you need to start the streaming/recording.

A scheduled event does not automatically start recording/streaming. You still have to manually start (and stop) your event from within the Pexip app.

For a custom integration you should also refer to our related articles below that describe how to set up the custom RTMP links for that specific streaming service.

Streaming versus recording

YouTube only allows for the recording of events that are streamed, therefore you need to stream to record.

With custom platforms (RTMP), it varies from platform to platform. Some platforms allow you to record without streaming, while others may not even have the streaming or recording ability. Read the documentation of your RTMP platform for more details.

Managing past and future events

You use the Live events & recordings option within the Pexip web app to schedule new events, see which events you have already scheduled, and to review all of your past events (both scheduled and ad hoc).

Select the menu in the top-right corner of the Pexip web app and select Live events & recordings.

If the Live events & recordings option is not available, contact your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner to enable you for RTMP or YouTube streaming & recording integration.

For each past and future event you can access links to that conference for sharing with your colleagues, and review the recordings of completed conferences.

Compatible streaming services

The following streaming services have been tested and confirmed to work with Pexip's custom RTMP streaming integration on the Pexip Service.

If you have a service that you’d like us to test or confirm functionality please email:

Service name Configuration instructions
YouTube YouTube integration and recording
Additional custom RTMP integrations
Azure Azure streaming/recording setup
Facebook Facebook streaming/recording setup
Kaltura Kaltura streaming/recording setup
MS Stream MS Stream recording/stream setup
Periscope Periscope streaming/recording setup
Quickchannel Quickchannel streaming/recording setup
Qumu Qumu streaming/recording setup
Teams Live Event Teams Live Event recording/stream setup
Twitch Twitch streaming/recording setup
UStream Ustream streaming/recording setup
Wowza Wowza streaming/recording setup
Beam Documentation not currently available.
Company Webcast Documentation not currently available.
MNS Rec.VC Documentation not currently available.
TalkPoint Documentation not currently available.
Vimeo Vimeo Live overview
VideoTool VideoTool streaming/recording setup

Security, policies and terms

For information about security compliance, and Pexip's privacy policy and terms of service, please see: