Locking a VMR

When you have back-to-back meetings in your VMR, you can use the room lock feature to prevent guest participants* from joining your VMR too early, while the previous meeting is ongoing.

When a room is locked, any participants who try to join the VMR are held in the lobby until they enter the host PIN, or a host endpoint participant, the room owner or a company administrator lets them in by unlocking the room. If you are using one of the Pexip apps you can also admit individual participants, one-by-one, without having to unlock the entire room (and thus let everybody in).

If you forget to unlock the room, it is automatically unlocked after 24 hours.

You can find out more about using PINs to control room access.

How to lock or unlock a room and admit guests

You can use the Pexip apps or your endpoint to lock and unlock a room, and to admit guests who are waiting in the lobby.

Using the Pexip apps

As a room owner, you can lock your own VMR, and a company administrator can also lock your VMR.

To lock your VMR, select the Lock button in the app.

After locking the room, you see an on-screen "Conference locked" confirmation message (all participants see this) and the button toggles to Unlock.

In Adaptive Composition layout it looks like this:

And in classic layouts it looks like this:

A permanently visible icon is then displayed while the room is locked.

When a guest participant enters the lobby, the existing conference participants are notified that someone is waiting by an audible knock-knock sound.

If you are using a classic layout (not Adaptive Composition) you also see an on-screen message:

Admitting guests in the lobby

You can then use your app to admit individual participants: from the Participants list select the button to admit that participant.

Alternatively, if you unlock the conference, every participant who is waiting in the lobby is admitted.

Using dial tones on SIP/H.323 endpoints and telephones

Host participants using telephones or SIP/H.323 endpoints or telephones can use DTMF dial tones via the device's keypad: press *7 to toggle the locked/unlocked status.

All participants will see an on-screen "Conference locked" or "Conference unlocked" message as appropriate, and a permanently visible icon is displayed while the room is locked.

When you unlock a room, all guests who are waiting in the lobby are admitted to the conference. You cannot use an endpoint to admit individual guests.

For more information and other endpoint controls, see Using endpoints to control the layout and manage meetings.