Meeting room mode (MRM) setup guide

Meeting room mode (MRM) is a simple way to join scheduled video meetings with a single click. It works by integrating your video conferencing units with the Pexip mobile app (running on a shared mobile device) and your company’s existing calendar/room booking system.

You’re then able to permanently place a tablet or smartphone inside your meeting room alongside that room’s videoconferencing system. The tablet or smartphone is connected to the video system, displaying scheduled meetings hosted by Pexip, Zoom, Skype for Business, Teams, Google Meet, BlueJeans, and more!

This article covers:

Required services to enable MRM

MRM is a standard feature of all endpoint subscription plans and so is available for any videoconferencing device (SIP protocol) registered to the Pexip Service.

In addition, you need:

  • An Android or iOS mobile device with the Pexip mobile app installed on it.
  • An administrator login for MyPages.

Activating MRM

There are 3 steps to activating MRM: setting up a single-purpose device, preparing your calendar, then setting up the app.

Set up a "single-purpose" mobile device (optional)

This step should be carried out by one of your company’s IT administrators. We recommend completing this step as it will make your setup more secure.

As you’ll be placing the mobile device in a shared working space on a permanent basis, and with multiple people using it, you may want to set your device up as a "single-purpose" device. This means the device is restricted to displaying only the Pexip mobile app, with no access to other apps or device features.

To activate the tablet or smartphone as "single-purpose", follow Google’s lock task mode instructions (contact your IT admin if you need further assistance). You should be logged in as the "device owner". The device owner should also be an administrator user for your company’s Google Workspace account.

Prepare your calendar

Usually, there will already be a calendar created for the physical meeting room where your video unit is set up. If not, you can easily create a new booking calendar for the chosen meeting room via your company’s calendar/booking system.

When you have identified an existing calendar or created a new one:

  1. Ensure the calendar is publicly visible to your company users.
  2. Open your device’s calendar app.
  3. Ensure the meeting room’s calendar is selected and is being displayed.

Set up the Pexip mobile app correctly

When your calendar is ready, you can activate MRM on the Pexip mobile app:

  1. Use the device you’ll leave in the meeting room, log in to the Pexip app with a company admin login.
  2. Grant permission for the Pexip app to access your device’s calendar. When your device asks, select Allow.
  3. Go to the menu and select Settings.
  4. Select the Calendar option.

    All of the calendars that can be accessed on the device are displayed.

  5. Find the video unit’s calendar and ensure it is the only calendar selected.
  6. Go back to Settings and select Meeting room mode.
  7. Enable the Meeting room mode option.
  8. The app asks you to select a video system. Select the video unit you want to pair to the app for MRM.
    • If the Lock Task (COSU) has been correctly set up, enabling MRM will lock the device to only display the Pexip app.
    • If not, the app asks if you’d like to enable Screen pinning. Screen pinning locks the device to only display the Pexip app, but is easy for regular users to deactivate so is less secure.

Managing your team’s meetings

Viewing your schedule and joining a meeting with MRM.

We recommend keeping your tablet or smartphone at or near the meeting room’s entrance, or inside the room close to the video unit. It should be easy to find and reach for users when they enter the room.

In MRM, the app only displays the meeting schedule tab. This view displays all your upcoming video meetings in chronological order, as well as which video platform they’re being hosted on.

All you have to do to dial into your next meeting is tap Join!

Which meetings appear under the meeting schedule in the app?

As long as a video meeting has been added to your video unit’s calendar schedule, MRM supports one-tap to join for all these platforms:

  • Pexip meetings
  • Microsoft Teams meetings (as long as you have the Microsoft Teams gateway from Pexip)
  • Google Meet meetings (as long as you have the Google Meet gateway from Pexip)
  • Skype for Business meetings (as long as the video system is on a premium plan)
  • Cisco Webex Teams meetings
  • Cisco Webex meetings
  • BlueJeans meetings
  • Zoom meetings (as long as the meeting’s organizer has purchased a Zoom room connector)