Using the mobile apps

The Pexip app is available for both smartphone and tablet on Android and iOS, and you can find information about downloading the apps here. The guidance below is based on Android, but the experience on iOS is similar. Here's a quick tour:

About the different tasks you can do

Using the Pexip mobile apps you can join VMR meetings, invite people to your VMR, and make and receive calls, plus more. There's just a couple of things you need to do first so here's help on activating your account and logging in and getting ready.

Some features are unique to the Pexip mobile apps, such as the ability to join a VTC system to a meeting using MeetingConnect. Other tasks, such as changing your password and setting host and guest PINs, need to be done using the Pexip desktop app and using the Pexip web app.

Popular tasks using the mobile apps

After activating your account and downloading the app, you're ready to get going. Here's some help with popular tasks:

Inviting someone to your VMR

The Pexip mobile app integrates with your mobile device's calendar so you can send invitations for future meetings, alternatively you can share a link to your room or initiate an ad hoc meeting by dialing people directly from your VMR.

Creating an invitation for a future meeting

Here's help with creating meeting invites using your calendar.

Adding a calendar to your app

You can schedule meetings from your Pexip app, but first you must tell it which calendar to use.

To do this:

  1. Open the mobile app, and from the bottom right of the screen, select the Meetings icon and then Select calendar:

  2. From the list that appears, select the calendars that you want to use.

    If you don't see the calendar you want, go to the menu, select Settings > Calendar, and then select which calendars to integrate with the app.

You should now see a list of all your upcoming video meetings:

Scheduling a video meeting using your app

To schedule a new video meeting in your calendar:

  1. Open the mobile app and tap on the icon.
  2. From the bottom right of the screen, select the icon:

  3. Fill in all the details:

    • By default, the meeting will take place in Your room. However, if you want to use a one-time room instead, select this field and then select One-time-use room.

      One-time rooms are meant for a single, one-off meeting. They are useful when:

      • You don't want to think about changing PIN codes, but still want the privacy.
      • You have back-to-back meetings and are worried there might be "collisions" between participants in different meetings.
      • You don't want to communicate your personal VMR link externally.

      Note: One-time rooms that have not been used for over 100 days are deleted. This means that if a one-time room is created for a meeting that is scheduled 100 days into the future, that room will be deleted before its scheduled start time (unless that room has been used in the intervening period) and the meeting join links will fail. You can continue to use a one-time room in a recurring meeting providing the repeat interval is less than every 100 days.

    • If your app is integrated with more than one calendar, select the calendar icon to choose which one to use for this meeting.

    • Add the names of the people you want to invite to the meeting.
  4. When you're done, from the top right of the screen, select Create:

The invitation is sent to the other participants, with details about how to join the room.

The meeting is also added to your meetings in the app. When it's time to join, simply select the meeting.

If you're not seeing any meetings in your app, or missing a particular meeting, check out some Troubleshooting tips.

Sharing a link to your VMR

All that participants need to join your VMR via a browser is the URL to your room and, if you set one, your guest PIN.

From the mobile app, you can send someone a link to your room via text message or email, for example. You choose which app to use to send the information, and the mobile app automatically initiates a message with your room and guest PIN in it.

Just go into and select Share, choose the app you want to use and then complete the message as you would normally.

Invite someone to join your VMR straight away

You can invite others to join you in your VMR straight away by dialing them directly.

  1. First, join your VMR yourself ready to greet your guests. Go to , select your own VMR, and then select how you want to join.
  2. Select the icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select the icon and then add all the contacts you want to dial, or enter one or more video addresses at the top.

  4. Next, select Call and the selected people and video addresses receive a call to join the meeting. They can accept or decline the call, as normal.

Joining a VMR

You can join Pexip meetings with video or with audio and screen sharing only. To go to the meeting, you can just tap a link on your mobile, or if you know which room you want, just select a VMR from the Rooms directory. Alternatively, you can use the mobile app to join via video system, and smartphone users can simply dial in to the meeting via the standard telephone network, which can be useful when your data connection is low or unavailable.

Clicking a room link on your mobile

When you're logged in to the app, you can just tap on a Pexip room link in a calendar invite or email, and be taken straight into the Pexip app.

Here's some guidance on using the room link on your mobile:

  1. Tap the Pexip room link from a calendar invite or email, for example, and you see a prompt to select which app to use.
  2. Select the Pexip app and you then see the call menu.

  3. Next, choose how to join the call:

  4. If it's the first time you join a Pexip meeting via the app, you see prompts requesting permission for Pexip to use your camera and microphone. You need to tap Allow to proceed with the call.
  5. What happens next depends on whether the VMR you're joining is PIN-protected.

You can also find out more about the controls available during meetings.

The next time you tap on a Pexip room link, your mobile remembers to use the Pexip app.

Using the Rooms directory

The Rooms directory has all VMRs in your organization, so if you already know which VMR you want to join, you can easily find it via Rooms and then join the meeting.

Whether it's your own VMR or a colleague's VMR you want to join, the steps below show you how.

  1. If you've logged in for the first time on mobile, you see Call someone or Join a room. Otherwise, after logging in or opening the app, your Recents list appears showing the people and rooms recently dialed.

  2. Before proceeding, you may want to mute your mic. Go to the menu, select Settings and then select Mute my mic when joining calls.
  3. To find the target VMR, tap on the icon and the rooms directory appears. Note that your own VMR is always top, above the list of rooms.
  4. Find the VMR you want and select it, and you see a menu showing different ways of joining.

  5. Next, choose how to join the call:

  6. What happens next depends on whether the VMR you're joining is PIN-protected.

You may also want to more information about about PINs or using the search function.

Controls available during the call

You have the following controls available. Starting from the top-left then moving clockwise:

  • Chat provides instant messaging for logged-in users.
  • Screen sharing lets you share your screen (if you select it accidentally you can Cancel).

    • After selecting you need to allow Pexip to share your screen, then go to the app that shows the information you want to share, bearing in mind others see what you see on your mobile screen. You may see in your mobile's status bar.
    • To stop sharing, use your phone's regular controls to return to the ongoing call, and tap .
  • Dial pad lets you enter a host PIN.
  • Show participants lists who else is in the call. Then select the menu in the top right corner to share your room link.
  • Self-view shows what your camera is capturing. Hide the self-view by tapping it, and reinstate it by tapping where it used to be.
  • Mute mic switches off your mic.
  • Disconnect quits the call.
  • Disable camera switches off your camera feed.

Additional controls available when in your own VMR

Select Show participants to access additional features including: invite someone by calling, lock your room, share your room link, mute or disconnect all participants, and mute or disconnect a single participant.

Join via video system

You can use the mobile app to connect a VTC system into a VMR meeting by selecting the target video system from a list. To use this feature you need to install the Pexip mobile app and log in, and the video system must be registered to the Pexip Service.

Joining a VTC system to a VMR meeting by selecting from a list

The steps below show you how to join a VMR via VTC system using the mobile app, you need to be logged in.

  1. Go to the meeting you want to join by clicking a link in an invitation or selecting the target VMR in . You then see a menu.
  2. Select Video system to see the list of registered video units, then select the one you want and follow the prompts to join the VMR.

After joining the VTC system to the conference, we recommend that the room owner or a company administrator joins the meeting via one of the apps so they can manage participants or lock the room, for example.

Joining a VTC system to a VMR meeting by scanning a QR code

MeetingConnect "Scan to join" lets you scan the VTC system's QR code and then select a meeting from your calendar to connect the VTC system to the meeting. Here's where you can find out more about using your smartphone to join video meetings with MeetingConnect.

Making a call

You can call people inside your organization using the Contacts directory and you can call external addresses too. ()

To find the colleague you want to call, either select Contacts (from the bottom menu) and browse the directory or enter a search string in the Search bar at the top.

Note that the search results include rooms which are tagged with a symbol, as well as contacts which are tagged with a dot. A green dot means the contact is logged in and can accept a call. Select their name and choose whether to call with video or audio.

If you want to call someone who’s not in your directory, just type their video address in the search bar, select the new item that appears after the full address has been entered, and then choose whether to call with video or audio.

Receiving a call

Receiving calls via the mobile app is straightforward. You need to log in but the app keeps you logged in with the app running in the background, unless you log out via the menu.

On Android, if you want to receive calls when your mobile screen is locked, switch on Receive calls from lock screen. This is available from the menu, in the Call defaults section of Settings. When a call comes in, you can choose whether to accept it with or without video, or you can decline the call.

On iOS, you still receive incoming calls when your screen is locked and when you're not in the app (you may be on the home screen or in a different app, for example). On answering you join the call with audio only — you won't send or receive video — but you can choose to view the presentation if someone is sharing their screen.