Testing your network for suitability with the Pexip Service

This guide explains how to test your network's suitability for registering your endpoint to the Pexip Service so you can resolve any potential hitches prior to activating (sometimes referred to as provisioning) your VTC system. You can use the Activate Endpoint app to test your network even if you use a different method to activate your endpoint.

About the network test

The network test checks the suitability of the network environment for registering your endpoint to the Pexip Service. The test evaluates whether your network supports the Pexip services, verifies that no firewalls will block the service, identifies any issues and explains how to resolve them. You can save the report and forward it to your IT administrator.

Please note this test is run from your computer which may not give the same results as your endpoint does when it is activated. However, to get the most out of running the test, we advise running it from the same network as the endpoint you want to activate. We also recommend there is no firewall between you and the endpoint, including personal firewalls installed on the computer you use to initiate activation, as this can cause activation and provisioning to fail.

Running the network test using the Activate Endpoint app

To run the network test using the Activate Endpoint app:

  1. Install the Activate Endpoint app:

    You must install the Java SDK before installing the Activate Endpoint app.

    1. As a prerequisite to installing the app you must first install the Java SE Development Kit (JDK).

      We recommend that you install Java SE Development Kit 17 (as version 17 is a Long Term Support release):

      1. Go to https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/downloads/#java17.
      2. Select the relevant tab for your operating system (macOS/Windows) and download your preferred installer package.
      3. Install the JDK (the steps for this depend upon your OS and package type).
    2. Download and install the Activate Endpoint app from the Pexip downloads page (Microsoft Windows 64-bit and Apple Mac OS versions are available).

    Avoid opening the Activate Endpoint app directly from your desktop because it won't have your subscription details which are needed for activation to work.

  2. Launch the app and you see a screen inviting you to test your network.

    You can click the firewall rules link to see a description of the rules that need to be met for activation and provisioning to be successful.

    To go ahead with the network scan, select Start Test, this runs the network test without initiating activation.

    When the test finishes the results are shown, and if one of the tests fails you can get more information by selecting View and save report.

More firewall-related information is available in Firewall rules and ports for the Pexip Service.

If needed, you can take appropriate action to correct the issue and run the test again. If you continue to have issues please raise a support request with your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner and include the test results for further analysis.

After passing the network test, the next step is activating your endpoint.