Enabling OTJ on Poly endpoints

As part of the installation and deployment of One-Touch Join across your organization, you must individually configure each endpoint to be used. For more information about One-Touch Join, or supported endpoints and conferences, go to About One-Touch Join.

This topic describes how to enable OTJ on a Poly endpoint.


Before you begin, ensure that you have:

Configuring the endpoint in PCC

In this step, you associate the endpoint with a mailbox, and create the credentials to enter on the endpoint itself.

  1. In PCC, go to Management and Settings > Video systems.
  2. Search for and select the name of the video system that you want to enable OTJ on.

    For a user to view their own OTJ Endpoint settings, their EUL must be twinned with an Endpoint Subscription. Twinning allows a EUL and an Endpoint Subscription to share the same SIP URI. This has to be set up by Pexip or a partner on https://portal.pexip.com.

  3. From the bottom of the page expand the One-Touch Join (OTJ) section and from the Endpoint type drop-down, select Poly:

  4. To add an Associated mailbox, select Edit. Search for and select the relevant mailbox and select Save.
  5. Copy the user name. You'll need this when configuring the Username on the endpoint.
  6. Select Create new password and then select Copy to clipboard. You'll need this when configuring a password on the endpoint.

Endpoint configuration

In this step you configure the endpoint with the username and password you created in PCC.