Activating your personal account

It only takes a few moments to activate your Pexip account. To complete the steps below, all you need is your activation email and a browser.

  1. Open the activation email, then select Complete the registration.
  2. The Welcome to Pexip page lets you view the Terms of service and Privacy policy. When ready, select Yes I have read the Terms of service and Privacy policy. If required, create a password and select Create your account.
  3. This loads your personal VMR in your default browser using the Pexip web app, and your account is now activated.

  4. Shortly afterwards you receive confirmation that your registration has successfully completed. You may wish to keep this email as it has a record of your username which is also your personal video address, and your registered email address.

Next steps

The activation process takes you into the Pexip web app , but you can use any of the apps and you can use more than one.

To find out about getting set up and how to use all the features, take a look at the app user guides: