Setting up a Pexip Room system

This article describes how to set up your Pexip Room system for first-time use. It covers:


Before you set up your Pexip Room, ensure you have the following prerequisites in place.

Office 365 (O365)

Within your own Office 365 environment you need:

  • A dedicated O365 Exchange service account for your Pexip Room systems
  • A room resource mailbox defined for each Pexip Room

See Configuring Office 365 for the Pexip Room for more information.

Pexip Service

You need to be a Pexip Service customer and have purchased a Pexip Room license. Please contact your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner for more information.

Setting up your system

To set up your Pexip Room for the first time you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Unpack and install the hardware device according to the manufacturer's instructions. Note that the Tap controller requires external power; it can be via a power adapter or cat 5 extender — please check the Logitech specs for exact details.
  2. Boot the device and then continue the setup process using the system's Tap controller.
  3. Select Pexip as the video service provider.
  4. Sign in to the Logitech Sync Portal (you can manage the device via the Sync Portal).

    1. Select your company as the organization the room belongs to, and then complete the remainder of the device set-up steps, such as entering the seat count, specifying a custom name if required, performing any equipment tests (camera, microphone, speakers etc), and finally confirming the installation.
    2. When you are told the installation is complete you can continue to installing the Pexip Room app.
  5. The Pexip Room app installation starts and a Welcome screen is displayed. To continue, you must agree to Pexip's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

  6. Choose whether to Share crash data with Pexip. We encourage customers to share error details so that we can improve our service.

  7. You must be a Pexip customer and have a Pexip Room license to continue.

    1. Confirm that you are a Pexip customer.

    2. Confirm that you have purchased a Pexip Room license.

  8. Select Continue to proceed with signing in to Office 365 with your service account. Use the dedicated service account you have created for use with your Pexip Room systems.

  9. The app now connects to Office 365 and follows the O365 sign-in process for your service account:

    1. Enter the email address of your dedicated Pexip Room service account and select Next.

    2. Enter the password for the service account and select Sign in.

      If you are using multi-factor authentication (MFA), you also need to approve the sign-in using your chosen authentication method (e.g. authentication app or phone call / SMS).

    3. Accept the app permissions. (Only applies for the first Pexip Room used with this account.)

    Providing the device remains operational, you should not have to sign in again, even after a reboot. You will have to sign in again if the device remains powered off for more than 90 days.

  10. You are asked to Sync with a meeting room mailbox. Enter the room resource mailbox address for the device.

  11. You are shown a PIN. Take a photo or write it down as you will need it to access the device's system settings options, then select Next.

  12. Your setup is now complete. The Pexip Room will synchronize with the room mailbox and display any scheduled meetings.

Note that:

  • On initial release, the Pexip Room cannot be provisioned from the Pexip Service or via Pexip's Activate Endpoint app.
  • The Pexip Room system does not have a web interface; system enablement is performed from the Tap controller.

Changing the meeting settings

You can use the option, on the top-right to configure the meeting and device options on the Pexip Room system.

You can do this either during or before you join a meeting.


You can choose whether you want to display a self-view, and if so, where to position the self-view.

Presentation layout

You can choose how you want presentation content to be displayed in relation to the participant video.

System settings

The System option requires you to enter the PIN you recorded during the setup process. It then allows you to:

  • Reboot the device
  • Shutdown the device
  • Perform a factory reset
  • Configure advanced system settings — these are the settings for the unit itself

Screen sharing

If you want to screen share / present content via the option, then you first need to connect your device (laptop, tablet etc) to the Rally Bar (not the Tap controller) with an HDMI cable.

Managing the device and upgrading the software via the Logitech Sync portal

The Pexip Room can be managed via the Logitech Sync portal ( You can use this for various features, including:

  • Firmware updates to install new app software:

    • Firmware updates for Pexip Room are pushed via an Over-the-Air (OTA) update from Logitech. New version availability is shown under the system settings on the Tap touch controller and via the Logitech Sync portal.
    • Updates are not forced — they are made available to the unit but they must be performed manually via Tap or triggered/scheduled via Sync.
  • Enabling/disabling device settings including Logitech RightSight, audio settings such as noise suppression, network connectivity etc.


If you are having trouble setting up or using your Pexip Room system, you should initially check for any network or internet connectivity issues before investigating the other possible causes described below.

You can also check the latest release notes.

Set-up issues

Problems with signing in to Office 365 with your service account could be due to:

  • Using the wrong credentials.
  • Incorrect configuration in O365 such as not having assigned a license.

Operational issues

A meeting is not shown on the Pexip Room

  • If the meeting is not in the O365 mailbox calendar, check that the Pexip Room system was included in the list of invitees.
  • If the meeting is in the O365 mailbox calendar, but not appearing on Pexip Room, check that a meeting link was included in the meeting description.

Screen sharing does not work

  • Check that the HDMI cable is connected correctly to the Rally Bar (not the Tap controller).

The call fails to connect or gets disconnected