Creating invites to send

We've integrated the Pexip service with Outlook on your desktop so you can quickly and simply make any meeting a video meeting. Or, if you use Calendly, it's really easy to integrate it with your VMR yourself. You can also integrate your Pexip mobile app with your device's calendar, and create meeting invitations directly from your app. When creating invites, you will get the option to hold the meeting in a one-time-use room (instead of your own VMR) so that only guests invited to that specific meeting can join it.

Here's how to create invitations using Outlook calendar, Calendly, and the mobile apps.

Using the Pexip apps to share a link to your VMR

Alternatively, you can use the apps to create an email that has your room link and other details automatically inserted. You can also copy room links/information and then paste them into another application. The help below shows you what you can do using the desktop or web app or the mobile apps.

We have also provided some instructions for external participants joining your VMR which you may want to share.

Guidance for large meetings

The Pexip Service supports large video meetings where you can combine video conferencing and streaming to connect with hundreds or even thousands of participants. When planning large meetings, here's what you need to know to have the best possible user experience:

  • The Pexip VMR supports up to 100 two-way participants, where each participant can both send and receive audio and video. For large VMR meetings like this, we recommend having dedicated resources available to manage connections and microphone muting and unmuting.
  • If you need to connect more than 100 participants, we recommend streaming. Streaming participants receive audio and video, but do not send. This both reduces the bandwidth requirements and makes for a better user experience without accidental noise from unmuted microphones. For information on how to set up streaming from a Pexip VMR, please see Live event streaming and recording.