MS Stream custom streaming/recording (RTMP) setup

MS Stream is a streaming service offered by Microsoft as part of its Office 365 package. It provides a customizable management interface for a streaming service that allows the ingestion of a custom RTMP stream.

You can stream a Pexip conference to MS Stream and then share links to that conference with other people. See Live event streaming and recording for details about other streaming options.

Creating the live event in Stream and obtaining an RTMPS ingest URL

Within Microsoft Stream you can create a live event which will provide an RTMPS ingest URL.

Note that only certain users may have been granted the Live Event permission — it has to be given to them by the Microsoft Stream administrator.

For a detailed explanation of how to use and manage MS Stream, see for setting up a live event in your Office 365 instance.

To create a live event:

  1. From within Stream, go to Create > Live event.

  2. Enter all of the necessary event information such as a name, description, start time, permissions etc.

    If you want to start streaming immediately, set the start time to As soon as an encoder is connected (now).

  3. Select Save.

    The page then shows the Encoder setup where the Server ingest URL is displayed:

  4. Set Secure Connection (SSL) to On.
  5. Select Copy (next to the Server ingest URL) so that you can later paste the URL as the address you want to dial from the conference.
  6. Select Start setup.

    The live event then enters the pre-live stage. When Stream is ready to receive the RTMP stream from Pexip Infinity, you will see the message Ready to connect.

You can now initiate the conference connection from your Pexip app.

Connecting (dialing out) to Stream from the Pexip app

When your scheduled stream is ready to go live, start your encoder from the Pexip app.

  1. In the Server or stream URL field paste the URL from MS Stream, for example: rtmp://
  2. In Stream name or key you must enter a stream name, for example pexstream.

    The MS Stream recording will not work if you leave the stream name blank.

See Using a custom RTMP stream/recording integration in the Pexip app for more information.

Starting the stream

After you have successfully connected the RTMP stream from Pexip to the live event:

  1. Return to the live event page in Stream where you will see a delayed video preview of the conference.
  2. When you are happy that the stream is working then you can begin the live event by selecting Start event.

Note that the live stream will have a 20-30 second delay. This is because Stream buffers the stream so that it can tolerate brief connection losses and to ensure a good consistent experience. This is standard streaming behavior.

Stopping the stream

To stop the Live Event, from the MS Stream producer controls select End Event. It is best practice to stop the event in Stream before disconnecting your encoder (the stream from the Pexip VMR) otherwise audience members will see an error.