VideoTool custom streaming/recording (RTMP) setup

You can stream a Pexip conference to VideoTool and then share links to that conference with other people. See Live event streaming and recording for details about other streaming options.

The VideoTool live stream player can be embedded into your website, or the live stream can be displayed on your own customized livestreaming landing page, behind a login or completely public. VideoTool streams through CDN with adaptive bitrate, so there are no limits on the amount of viewers. The live stream can also be saved as VOD and made available for display in your VideoTool media channels (DAM).

To stream a conference to VideoTool:

  1. Sign in to your VideoTool account at (English and Danish languages are available).
  2. In Admin Home, go to LIVE STREAMING.
  3. Create a new Live Event, or reuse a Live Event, configuring the initial settings:

    • Enter an event title and description.
    • To Connect an event to a live stream, select the livestream account you want to connect your event to. (You can have one or more accounts for simultaneous live streams.)
    • Select which users are allowed to view the event: All (public) or Users with login (private — various options are available).

  4. Your Livestreaming Event landing page is now created. You can embed a live streaming player to your website, or use the VideoTool landing page for live streaming.
  5. Configure the settings for the landing page, including:

    • Event player image — we recommend a 1920x1080px image
    • The live landing page URL
    • Countdown to the event start
    • Chat, Q&A and Polls for participants
    • User groups that are entitled to view the event if it is private
  6. You can also choose whether to save the live stream as VOD:

    1. From the Live streams page, select Settings for the account used for live streaming.
    2. Select Save as VOD and choose in which videochannel you want to save the live stream.

    When Save as VOD is enabled it applies for all livestream events in that account.

  7. You are given a Server URL and Stream name (you'll use these when you initiate streaming from the Pexip app):

  8. Set up the live stream from your VMR as described in Using a custom RTMP stream/recording integration in the Pexip app.

    When either scheduling or creating an ad hoc stream you need to input the ingest/server URL provided by VideoTool.

  9. After you have started the stream on Pexip, it will be streamed to VideoTool after a few seconds.
  10. You can now activate/show the stream on the VideoTool landing page to make it visible to your viewers.

  11. When the event has finished you can end the streaming on Pexip and it will end on VideoTool.

    If you selected the VOD option the stream will be automatically encoded and soon become visible in your VideoTool media channels.

  12. After the event you can also view statistics for views, entries, viewer location and devices.