Huawei endpoints troubleshooting

This article covers the following Huawei endpoint issues:

Huawei TE10 Cloud Activation / Provisioning

If you encounter a problem when activating (sometimes referred to as provisioning) the Huawei TE10 endpoint for use with the Pexip Service, it could be related to the TLS verification and TLS encryption settings on your video endpoint. Please configure your TE10 device as shown below.

  1. Exit out of the Cloud Provisioning menu.
  2. Go to the H323/SIP Settings menu.
    1. Set TLS verification to Disable.
    2. Set TLS encryption type to Auto.
  3. Then activate the endpoint with Cloud Activation.

For support relating to Huawei TE10s, go to:

Huawei TE30 endpoint does not activate to the Pexip Service

During activation using the Activate Endpoint app, Huawei TE30 endpoints running firmware version V500R002C00SPC600 may fail activation part way through the process due to the device rejecting the certificate provided by the Pexip Service with an unknown certificate authority error (as seen at packet capture level, example given below).

You can resolve the issue by upgrading to firmware version V500R002C00SPCb00.

Alternatively, you can work around the issue by disabling the Certificate Authority check on the TE30 endpoint using Telnet. For this, the endpoint needs to have Telnet/SSH access enabled and you need a Telnet client. Huawei support recommends using the Windows Telnet client, and Windows 10 users may need to enable the client manually. The steps below give further guidance on all of this.

Enabling SSH and Telnet on the TE30 device via the endpoint's web interface

  1. Open a browser and enter the endpoint's IP address to access the web interface to the device.
  2. Enter the username and password for the device.
  3. Go to System Settings and then to Security.
  4. Set the SSH/Telnet options to Allow.

Enabling Telnet on Windows 10

For guidance on how to enable Telnet on Windows 10, go to:

Changing the certificate authority check from the Telnet command line

  1. Sign in to the TE30 endpoint using the debug credentials.
  2. Enter: ui config set call.sipcall.IsUseCertificate. You now see the prompt IsUseCertificate(1) indicating that the certificate authority check is enabled.
  3. Set the value to 0 .
  4. To save the new setting, enter: ui config save.

You can now resume endpoint activation.