About your personal user subscription

If you've just joined Pexip, congratulations and welcome to our Service! Here we'd like to tell you about what's included in your personal user subscription and what you can do with it. As a personal user of the Pexip Service you have a video account with two powerful collaboration tools at your disposal, your own Pexip VMR (Virtual Meeting Room) and the Pexip apps.

Use your account to meet groups of people or make direct calls

Your personal video account has two video addresses, a VMR video address which you use when you want to arrange to meet others in your Pexip VMR, and a personal video address which you can use to call one person or video conferencing system at a time. Most likely both video addresses will include your name, and it's possible the only difference between them is that your VMR video address also has a suffix such as .vmr.

Both of your video addresses (personal and VMR) are in the format name@domain, similar to an email address. If your company has purchased domain hosting this allows for your video address to be aligned with your organization's own domain. Otherwise your video addresses may use the onpexip domain or another domain. If you have a question about your video addresses or need to make a change, contact your organization's company administrator.

To find your personal video address, log in to the app and then go to in the top-left corner and select Account information. Your personal video address is displayed under Video address (it looks like an email address).

Your VMR video address is displayed when your VMR is loaded in the app. After logging in to the app your VMR is loaded by default. Otherwise, go to menu in the top-right corner, and select My Room. Your VMR video address is shown in the top-left corner of the main pane.

Your personal Pexip VMR

A personal VMR is a virtual meeting room that's hosted in the Cloud and has its own URL. Anyone in the world can join you in your VMR (your room) via a browser or using one of the Pexip apps, including people who don't subscribe to Pexip. The Pexip Service supports up to 100 participants in a video meeting and the maximum for your organization is based on your license.

Your VMR is designed to connect people using different devices and video platforms. Participants can join your VMR via web browser, Skype for Business, any standards-based VTC system (SIP or H.323 protocols), or using one of the Pexip apps on your computer, tablet or smartphone. When there's no data/internet connection, participants can join a meeting with audio only using the standard telephone network (PSTN). With all of the Pexip apps, as well as going to video meetings, you can call someone directly, and receive calls made directly to you. You can also share your screen and send messages to each other.

As a Pexip Service personal account holder (member), you are the room owner of your personal VMR. You can set a host and/or guest PIN to control access to your room, and there's a raft of other features to enable you to collaborate effectively and manage meetings.

Your Pexip Service account is managed by your organization's company administrator. You can find out more about company administrators here.

What you can do in the Pexip apps

Using the Pexip app you can meet up with people from almost anywhere in the world.

  • Invite others to join you in a meeting right away or at a later date
  • Join VMR meetings in your own or someone else's VMR
  • Choose to join with video, audio only, or using audio and presentation mode
  • Call a colleague for a chat
  • Set host and guest PINs for added security
  • Share your screen and manage participants
  • Configure devices and call bandwidth, and set defaults for how you join meetings
  • Review recent and historical calls and meetings

Activate your account

Go here to activate your account.