Activating the Polycom Trio for use with the Pexip Service

Here you find help with activating a Polycom Trio video endpoint. The following is required:

  • A Pexip endpoint subscription.
  • The help of your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner to download a configuration file from the Partner Portal.
  • A Polycom Trio video endpoint running 5.9.1.x or newer.
  • Administrator access to the Trio's web interface.
  • The Trio's serial number.

This guide also provides help on Doing a factory-reset, as well as Enabling the web Interface and Changing to a generic profile, plus Pairing the Trio and the Polycom Visual+.

Please also be aware of the limitation that Polycom Trios have with regard to checking in to Pexip's provisioning server for updates. See Polycom Trio provisioning interval limitation.

Activating a Polycom Trio for use with the Pexip Service

To start using your hardware video endpoint subscription for the Pexip Service, first you need to have your Polycom Trio activated. For this your device needs to be tied to its subscription and someone with administrator access needs to load a configuration file onto the device.

For help with this please contact your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner. Then, if you need to load the configuration file onto the device see Configuring the Trio, below.

Configuring the Trio

Here's how to complete the configuration:

  1. Go to the Trio's web interface: Utilities > Import & Export Configuration.
  2. Import the provided .cfg file.
  3. The Trio now reboots (possibly more than once). When rebooting has finished, the device should be set up and ready for use with the service.
  4. You can ask your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner to confirm the status of your device.

Doing a factory-reset

Here are the steps for resetting a Trio back to factory defaults.

  1. Disconnect power from the video endpoint.
  2. Reconnect power to the device.
  3. When you see the Polycom logo on the LCD panel, press the four corners of the screen.
  4. When the Mute lights begin flashing, let go and the factory reset begins.

Enabling the web Interface

When the base profile is set to Skype for Business the web interface is disabled by default, so here is some help on enabling it. (Note that when the device is only set to Generic, the web interface is enabled.)

From the Trio's touchscreen follow these steps to modify the web interface settings:

  1. Select Settings > Advanced > Enter password > Administration Settings > Web Server Configuration.
  2. From this screen, you can select to enable HTTP, HTTPS, or both.

Changing to a generic profile

Watch our video:

Pairing the Trio and the Polycom Visual+

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Polycom Trio provisioning interval limitation

There is a known limitation with the Polycom Trio such that the most often it can fetch updates from Pexip's provisioning server is hourly. This can affect the operation of the Trio when the device needs to switch to using a different Pexip Point of Presence (PoP). In this case, there can be a delay in the Trio picking up the new PoP details during which time the user may be unable to make or receive calls.

If the Polycom Trio can't make or receive calls, the first thing to do is to trigger a provisioning update by rebooting the device. Following that, in most cases you can make and receive calls again. However, if the problem persists after rebooting the device please contact your partner.