Skype for Business integration troubleshooting

This article contains a list of symptoms, possible causes and suggested resolutions for some issues you may experience when using Skype for Business (SfB) with the Pexip Service.

Obtaining Skype for Business log files

The Pexip support team may sometimes request that you provide Skype for Business log files so that technical staff can investigate an issue.

To enable and locate the log file, please use the following Microsoft article which explains the process for enabling and obtaining the logs.

You will be instructed which level logging you need to enable.

Content sharing button is missing

Sharing content in SfB (Lync) client from Office 365 requires a subscription to Online Plan 2 or higher.

Unable to share content from a video system

Ensure that the video system participant has presenter rights in the Skype for Business meeting. See Scheduling your Skype for Business meeting to include the VTC(s) for more information.

Mobile App connects as audio only

Some SfB users have reported that they connect as an audio-only participant when joining a Pexip VMR.

While Microsoft continues to refine the end-user experience of its clients, care should be taken to understand default settings which are present on the mobile device versions of SfB that may result in unexpected behavior. As video calls are expensive in the amount of data used to support real-time video and audio traffic, SfB Mobile Apps default to audio-only calling when the connectivity is not Wireless LAN (WiFi) based. The result of making an SfB call to a Pexip VMR, when the connectivity is 3G/LTE, is that the call connects but there is no video, only audio. To change this behavior, the SfB Mobile App simply needs to be configured to permit video calls while not on WiFi.

Follow these steps on the SfB Mobile App to disable the requirement for WiFi connectivity:

  1. Select your profile picture.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Disable the requirement for WiFI for video.

These steps should resolve the issue. If the problem persists, contact your Pexip authorized support representative for assistance.