Joining a Google Meet meeting via VTC

The Pexip Service allows any standards-based video conferencing systems on SIP and H.323 to seamlessly connect to Google Meet meetings.

When joining a Google Meet meeting from a VTC, there are two main approaches, depending on your preferences and the type of services you have signed up for:

If you would like to check your connection to the Pexip Service, see Making a test call.

See the troubleshooting section for disconnection issues.

Using a remote control or touch screen

When using the remote control or the VTC's touch screen, you can call into the meeting either via a Virtual Reception or by directly dialing the meeting address.

  1. Open the calendar invitation.

    • If you see a option you can enter the associated dial-in address using the touch panel or remote control on the VTC system.

    • Otherwise (if there is no SIP option), click on the link More joining options.

      ... and then in the new window, select Third-party systems and use the SIP endpoint address in the format meeting-ID@<customer-domain>.

      ... and enter the dial-in address using the touch panel or remote control on the VTC system.

  2. If the VTC is registered on the Pexip Service or is a trusted device, it is allowed automatically into the meeting. In all other cases, the device has to be explicitly admitted into the conference (this takes the form of a popup dialog as shown right, which is displayed to all participants who are connected directly to the conference). Any of those participants can then choose to allow (admit) or deny access. Unregistered Guest VTC devices must be admitted within 30 seconds.

Using the Pexip mobile app

You need to download and install the Pexip mobile app, and allow the app to read the calendar used for Meet invites. See Downloading the apps for more information.

When using the Pexip mobile app to join a Meet meeting with a VTC you can either join from a list of VTCs or use QR code scanning.

Joining from a list of VTCs

This option requires an active endpoint subscription.

  1. Open the Pexip mobile app on your phone.
  2. Go to the Meetings tab and select your Meet meeting.
  3. Choose Video system and select the VTC you want to use.
  4. Answer the incoming call to your VTC room on the touch panel or remote control.

Scanning a QR code

This option requires an active Pexip endpoint subscription.

If your organization has adopted QR codes to join video meetings, see Using your smartphone to join video meetings with MeetingConnect for instructions on how to join the meeting.

Making a test call

Hardware video endpoint users (SIP and H.323) can call a test service to check their connection to the Pexip Service and confirm that their audio and video are working properly. You may want to do this when using Pexip for the first time.

Just dial to record a short message and have it played back to you. If you encounter a problem, you may need to check your device settings or contact your administrator for help.


VTCs may be unable to connect to the meeting, or get disconnected from the meeting, if the meeting host disables the Turn on their video option in the meeting settings. These types of disconnections are reported as SIP 480 errors (with a cause of "Call rejected" and type of "RemoteDisconnect").