Joining a Microsoft Teams meeting via a Zoom Room

Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms enables Zoom Rooms and Zoom-registered Cisco/Poly systems* to make SIP based video calls into any Microsoft Teams meetings via Pexip’s interoperability service.

It provides Zoom users with a familiar SIP video experience when connecting into Teams from Zoom Rooms. The service supports dual screen video and content sharing.

Note that this is a guest join experience, therefore someone has to be in the Microsoft Teams meeting to admit you from the lobby.

* Zoom registered Cisco/Poly Room video devices require a Zoom Room Connector license to register to Zoom cloud.

This article covers

Supported Room types

The following Room types are supported:

  • Zoom Rooms for Windows & Android (requires Zoom Rooms 6.0.0 or later).
  • Cisco/Poly SIP rooms using Zoom One Button to Push.

Licensing requirements

Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms has the following licensing requirements:

  • Your Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms license count (minimum 10) must match your Zoom Room plus Cisco/Poly Room count.

Note that:

  • Pexip's CVI licensing is not required for Zoom interoperability (this is noted for clarity as Zoom uses "Pexip CVI" terminology in its admin interface to represent the Teams interop functionality via Pexip). However, we do recommend also purchasing CVI licensing to ensure that your internal Teams meetings are interop enabled for external guests and internal SIP endpoints that are not registered to Zoom.
  • Pexip reserves the right to audit your Zoom Room count twice a year. Such an audit can consist of requesting a screenshot from the Zoom admin center showing license count.

Configuring Zoom for Pexip interoperability

You enable interop via the Zoom admin portal.

You will need to enter your Pexip customer ID: you must go to this registration page to request your customer ID after completing the Pexip Connect for Zoom license purchase.

For Zoom Rooms:

  1. Go to Room Management > Zoom Rooms > Account Settings > Meetings.
  2. Enable Support Interoperability for Zoom Rooms.

    You have to lock the settings if you want to ensure they are applied to all Zoom Rooms (and thus override any individual room settings).

  3. Expand Use SIP or Pexip CVI to connect.
  4. Select Use Pexip "SIP Guest Join" for Microsoft Teams meetings and enter your Pexip customer ID.

For Cisco/Poly systems:

  1. Go to Room Management > Cisco/Polycom Rooms and then Calendar Integration.
  2. Enable Parse Microsoft Teams Meetings and enter your Pexip CVI customer ID.

Pexip Connect for Zoom Rooms meeting experience

The following images illustrate how participants and presentation content are displayed on a single-screen and a dual-screen system.

We recommend the following display/layout configurations for Zoom Rooms with 2 displays:

Similarly for single screen displays, we do not recommend setting the 2 participants layout to Gallery View as this will show your own Zoom Room self view on half of the screen, and the remote feed from Pexip on the other half. The Pexip interop service detects it is a single screen endpoint, thus it will share any content as part of the layout mix, and therefore the endpoint will never enter the "share starts" setup.

Screen sharing settings — important for wireless sharing

Screen sharing settings can be changed globally, and some can be changed per Zoom Room — you need to decide the most appropriate method. We recommend the following settings:

  • How many participants can share at the same time: select One participant can share at a time.
  • Who can share: select All Participants.
  • Who can start sharing when someone else is sharing: select All Participants (if not you are not able to take over presentation with, for example, wireless sharing).