Joining an externally-hosted Microsoft Teams meeting via "SIP Guest Join"

Pexip's standard Microsoft Teams interoperability solution allows your own video conferencing endpoints (and your guests) to join Microsoft Teams meetings that you are hosting. The "SIP Guest Join" (SGJ) feature lets you join Microsoft Teams meetings with your own video conferencing endpoints where that meeting is being hosted by an external third-party organization who has not enabled Pexip interoperability themselves.

Note that this is a guest join experience, therefore someone has to be in the Microsoft Teams meeting to admit you from the lobby.

For more information about setting up and enabling "SIP Guest Join", see Using SIP Guest Join.

How to join

If you are invited to an externally-hosted Teams meeting, you can join it via One-Touch Join on your video conferencing endpoint.

Joining from a meeting room

  1. Invite the room (as a room resource) to the meeting. Either:

    • Copy the contents of the meeting invite, and use that to book the room (in this case the accept/reject message from the room is sent to you); or
    • Forward the meeting invite to the room's mailbox (in this case the accept/reject message is sent to the meeting organizer).
  2. At the start time of the meeting: enter the room and press the Join button.

Joining from a personal video endpoint (that is set up for One-Touch Join)

  1. Accept the meeting invite as usual (OTJ only looks for "accepted" meetings).
  2. Press Join at the start of the meeting.

Using the Pexip mobile app to join the meeting

You can also use the latest version of the Pexip mobile app to call the endpoint into the meeting.

You need to download and install the Pexip mobile app, and allow the app to read the calendar used for Teams invites. See Downloading the apps for more information.

When using the Pexip mobile app to join a Teams meeting with a VTC you can either join from a list of VTCs or use QR code scanning.

Joining from a list of VTCs

This option requires an active endpoint subscription.

  1. Open the Pexip mobile app on your phone.
  2. Go to the Meetings tab and select your Teams meeting.
  3. Choose Video system and select the VTC you want to use.
  4. Answer the incoming call to your VTC room on the touch panel or remote control.

Scanning a QR code

This option requires an active Pexip endpoint subscription.

If your organization has adopted QR codes to join video meetings, see Using your smartphone to join video meetings with MeetingConnect for instructions on how to join the meeting.

How it works

To use SIP Guest Join, your rooms/endpoints must be set up to use One-Touch Join (OTJ), unless you use the Pexip mobile app options to join the meeting.

When the invitation is received by your endpoint, the OTJ logic processes the meeting invitation. It adapts the address details such that the call is routed via the Pexip Service which enables you to join the meeting as a Guest with the external organization. The Teams-like layout is used for the Guest VTCs.