Verifying Microsoft 365 tenant domains

To use Pexip's Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI) Service or One-Touch Join (OTJ) for Pexip Service, you must add a DNS TXT record for your Microsoft 365 domain (the domain associated with your Microsoft Tenant) so that your domain can be verified by the Pexip Service.

If your Microsoft 365 tenant is associated with multiple domains, any of these domains can be used for the verification process. You only have to verify the tenant domain once and it then can be used for both CVI and OTJ if required.

You should refer to your New Microsoft 365 domain email that you received from Pexip. This contains the specific details about the DNS entries that you need to set up for your Microsoft domain.

Setting up a DNS TXT record

You need to set up a DNS TXT record so that your Microsoft 365 domain can be verified by the Pexip Service:

  1. Add a DNS TXT record to your domain DNS settings.

    • The value must be as specified in your New Microsoft 365 domain email, for example pexip-ms-tenant-domain-verification=abcd1234-ab12-cd34-ef56-abcdef123456
    • If you have an existing DNS TXT record specified for pexip-ms-tenant-domain-verification then add the new value to that existing record as a comma-separated list, for example pexip-ms-tenant-domain-verification=dcba4321-ba21-dc43-fe65-fedcba654321,abcd1234-ab12-cd34-ef56-abcdef123456

    Note that when configuring the DNS TXT record you must configure it for the domain/subdomain you are verifying — this is typically referred to as the Host or Name field but how these are labeled and how you enter the domain/subdomain can vary depending upon your DNS provider:

    • If you are validating the base domain (e.g. you often leave the Host/Name field blank, or use the @ symbol.
    • If you are validating a subdomain (e.g. then you would typically just enter the subdomain (e.g. "my") in the Host/Name field.
  2. Contact your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner and tell them you have set up your DNS TXT record for your new Microsoft domain.

    They can then complete the verification process.

You can use Google's DNS query tool to check your DNS TXT records.

Note that any Pexip Service CVI customers who set up their CVI prior to 1 December 2023 or who configured an OTJ calendar provider prior to 15 January 2024, do not need to go through this process.